The Right Methods

Searching for fresh faces for research is increasingly difficult in today’s culture. We strategize on a project by project basis to to get the results you need

The Right People

Dedicated to finding fresh, insightful research participants for your projects



Diversified Platform

We are a dedicated team of research professionals who take your project to heart. In our first year, 2006, Big Bang recruited over 1000 participants for focus groups and IDIs in 30+ venues including San Francisco, New York, Tulsa, St. Louis, Atlantic City, Hartford, Indianapolis, Columbus, Orlando, Charleston, San Diego, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Vail, Wilmington, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Philadelphia, Austin, Reno, Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver, and Champaign-Urbana. Whatever the hot market you wish to be in, we’re there!

Wide Reach

A Wide Reach

We really do recruit every and anywhere– whether a large metropolitan area like LA, a mid-sized town like OKC, or an obscure rural area. What we are sure you will like is that greater than 95% of our recruits are fresh respondents who have never participated in paid market research studies before.


The Secret to Success

We find articulate and fresh respondents quickly and effectively, and our team is the team often called on to take difficult jobs in short time periods without breaking a sweat (and neither will you!) We recruit nationwide: In addition to litigation research, we find folks for web usability testing, consumer product testing, political focus groups, business to business studies, including business owners, CFOs, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, graphic artists and designers, physicians and other medical professionals, and financial experts.

We recruit for virtual focus groups as well as to any facility in the nation that you choose! We are experts at working alongside any facility when needed, providing a seamless relationship and doing so with a smile. So whether you need us to handle a hundred person recruit, or pick up a few for supplemental recruiting on an expedite, recruiting help is here! What’s our secret? Not only do we rely on strategic calling, but let’s just say prayer also comes in handy!

Why Big Bang Recruiting?

  • Experienced, qualified recruiters
  • Excellent customer service
  • Time and energy efficient
  • High respondent show rates
  • Diverse socioeconomic reach
  • Multi-city capability
  • Urban, Suburban, and Rural respondents reach