The Right Methods

Searching for fresh faces for research is increasingly difficult in today’s culture. We strategize on a project by project basis to to get the results you need

The Right People

Dedicated to finding fresh, insightful research participants for your projects

What Clients Are Saying About Big Bang

Our clients are some of the most respected and established in the industry. It is our great privilege to represent them. We are inspired by their trust and confidence in us. Here are a few of their recent comments…
  • Great Job!

    “Yeah – great job! Please let your recruiters know we appreciate their efforts. Big Bang, way to go!”

  • Help in the Future.

    “Sandy and the Big Bang team… Thanks so much for all of your efforts to tackle some of the hardest jobs. You are always very eager to help and the communication you provide makes it so easy to do business with you. We will definitely seek your help in the future.”

  • Great Work!

    “Thanks for the great work!”

  • Thank you!

    “A 100% show rate! All good participants we would invite back. Thank you!”

  • 29/30 Completes!

    “We ended up with 29/30 completes, which is great news! It was a pleasure to work with you on this study, you were great! I hope to work with you again soon!”


    “Another great job – THANKS BIG BANG!”

  • Many More Projects!

    “Your work for us in the past has been great and we look forward to having many more projects with you in the future – including (this) one!… Thanks again for all your efforts to make this project a success for all of us.”

  • The Best Attitude!

    “You guys have the best attitude! … Thanks again!” –President of a nationally recognized trial and jury consulting firm

  • Thank you!

    “Thank you for all your hard work. We never could have done it without you.” –Trial and jury consulting firm president

  • Super Skills!

    “Thanks Sandy…Let’s keep in touch. Wow, cold calling all across the country… what a challenge! Your team obviously has super skills to be able to achieve cooperation from people who are not really familiar with consumer opinion research. You deserve a gold star!” –Recruiting Medical Directors, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, & Charge Nurses

  • Recruiters That Read Between the Lines

    “Recruiters that read between the lines and understand the recruit aside from the screener are one of a kind!!!”

  • Pleasure Working With You!

    “Sandy/Big Bang…the AE asked me to express his gratitude to you, again. He is extremely happy that we were able to meet quota and knows that it was only possible because of BBR. Thank you! As always, it is a pleasure working with you. I hope to send more work your way in 2008!”

  • Fantastic!

    “Fantastic show rate BTW! Cheers!” -Usability Study Clinic

  • Very Thankful!

    “Again, I am very thankful for your help.” –Facility we assisted on an expedite

  • Great to Work With!

    “You’ve been great to work with, and I’m impressed by your team’s ability to recruit all these men…”

  • Great Show Rate!

    “We had a great show rate, a total of 56 (out of 60) respondents!”
    (Mock Trial)

  • Perfect Show Rate!

    “I wanted to let you know that we had a perfect show rate. We also had good respondents. Great job to Sandy and team!!!!”

  • Keep Up the Good Work!

    “I heard Philadelphia and LA went great. They loved the virgin respondents. Keep up the good work!”

  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    “Absolutely fantastic! I can’t thank you enough. I can definitely sleep better tonight.”