Air Travel

We have an exciting research opportunity regarding the next generation of air travel.

Dates Available: 9/15–9/24
Time Format: 60 min. individual interviews
Compensation: $200

We will be conducting one hour interviews Wednesday 9/15 – Friday 9/24, where you will provide input on a range of questions having to do with air travel. We’re currently conducting discussions with individuals who travel extensively, either for work, leisure or both. This is a great fit for you if your are intrigued by next-generation air travel, especially the possibility of much shorter long-haul flights. It promises to be a very interesting and productive process for all involved. To participate, all you will need is phone, computer, and internet access. Selected participants will be paid $200 by their choice of Paypal or check for the discussion.

What should you expect? After filling out the pre-qualificaiton survey below, we will look for people who are a good match for the study. If you fall into this category, we will reach out to setup an interview time. If you don’t hear from us, we will send an email at the end of the research window to say thanks and provide info about being involved in future studies.

Not everyone will qualify, please fill out the survey linked below so we can match the appropriate people for this study.

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